Backup Generators: We are generating a lot of interest!

The last snow and big wind caused many of our clients to lose power.  Whether you are a commercial or residential client, what is the impact of a disruption of electrical service?   For our area, this is not a rare event.  Whether weather related (think ice/snow build up on power lines, wind), or utility equipment failure, we all know someone who has been impacted.  The cost of downtime can be significant; lost revenues, damage due to flooding when sump pumps cannot operate and/or pipes freezing/bursting with no heat, food loss when refrigeration takes a “holiday” during power outages, the impact on creature comforts  (aka no TV), and the horror of not being able to charge your cell phone.

Fortunately, installing a backup generator is a great insurance policy to have to protect you from the consequences of a power outage.   Ungerman Electric can help you plan and implement an approach protect to your home or business.    Our operators are standing by  to help   🙂

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