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Energy Efficient Lighting Design

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The Future Is So Bright….We Have To Wear Shades

Ungerman Electric strengthens it energy efficient lighting design and upgrade credentials by partnering NYSERDA Partner Certificate awarded to Ungerman Electricwith NYSERDA on their commercial lighting program.  This is our second partnership with NYSERDA. The first focused on electric vehicle charging stations.  Energy efficient lighting design can help organizations save significant money by reducing energy costs as well as establishing a better work environment.


As if this is not sufficient enough, both NYSERDA and National Grid offer rebates and incentives to make the return on investment even more attractive.   Furthermore, the government has begun mandating the phasing out of inefficient light bulbs, so it is becoming more of when will you upgrade rather than if!

lightbulbs for energy efficient lighting

Ungerman Electric has extensive experience in commercial and residential lighting design applications with a particular focus on lighting efficiency and retrofitting.  We continue to surround ourselves with great partners that help us maximize our value to our clients.