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Ungerman Electric Completes Tesla Super Car Electric Vehicle Charging Station

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Super Duper!

More and more Capital Region residents and  their guests are buying electric cars. Whether at home, work, or any destination, the need to have car charging stations available is critical to acceptance, convenience, and customer loyalty.

The “Rolls Royce” of electric vehicles is Tesla, boasting over 300 miles per charge and a luxury ride. The super charging station located at Colony Center Shopping Center, enable Tesla owners to charge their cars more than 10 times faster than other high end charging stations. This is far the most robust charging station infrastructure in the region.

This project increases our depth and breadth in supporting our residential and commercial clients. Furthermore, we have expanded our partnerships with NYSERDA and National Grid, to include NYPA (New York Power Authority), providing significant financial incentives for charging station procurement and installation. For example incentives are up to 85%-100% for commercial and government projects that provide public and employee access.

20140425_170326Ungerman Electric has also formed relationships with the major EVCS manufacturers, as well as car manufacturers, and many of the local car dealerships (e.g. Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, and Ford). Through expanding our EVCS “ecosystem” we are able to bring together the key industry players to facilitate adoption and increase the value to our clients.

Are you charged up?  Ungerman Electric can help you assess, plan, and implement EVCSs for your home or workplace.